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Abraham et al., “Quantitative Social Network Analysis (SNA) and the Study of Cuneiform Archives”

I saw an interesting-looking article in the forthcoming issue of Akkadica today:

Kathleen Abraham, Allon Wagner, Yuval Levavi, Sivan Kedar, Yoram Kohen, and Ran Zadok, “Quantitative Social Network Analysis (SNA) and the Study of Cuneiform Archives,” Akkadica 134 (2014): 117-134.

Here’s the abstract:

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is increasingly applied to study archival data, including cuneiform archives, especially Neo and Late Babylonian materials. This paper demonstrates the use and potential of quantitative SNA by means of one example. A network based on 75 documents from the Murashu archive is constructed in order to show a computational, automatic procedure, that demonstrates the potential value of quantitave SNA to cuneiform studies.

The article is still forthcoming, but it looks promising.

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