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“Thinking deeply does not make baby Jesus cry.”

Some of us are more apt to explore our faith than think of ways of preserving it. Our intellectual exploration is unavoidably wrapped up in our own spiritual growth. The two work together. Intellect challenges faith but they are not at odds. They need each other.

Sometimes thinking clearly and deeply changes what you believe, and that does not make baby Jesus cry. Neither does it cue the seventh trumpet of judgment or kick over the seventh bowl of God’s wrath in the Book of Revelation.

Thinking too Hard Will Change What You Believe (And That’s a Good Thing) / Peter Enns

This is a great post from the man who’s probably best known for being an Evangelical and an evolutionist. It’s also reassuring to those of us who want to live a fully-explored faith, rather than a faith that is accepted blindly and uncritically.

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