Dead Sea Scrolls Online

The Israel Antiquities Authority has a new website, the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, produced in partnership with Google. It has high-resolution photos of almost all of the Dead Sea Scrolls, mostly in black-and-white, but some in color. It is notably lacking some of the major scrolls, though — 1QIsa(a) and 1QpHab are missing entirely; 1QS and 1QM only have fragments, though 11QSefer haMilhamah is included; and there are extensive fragments of 11QT. (I suspect it’s a copyright issue; the Israel Museum’s Digital Dead Sea Scrolls, also a Google collaboration, has high resolution, color photography of 1QIsa(a), 1QpHab, 1QS, 1QM, and 11QT.)

Anyhow, even though it lacks some of the major scrolls, it’s still a fantastic resource, because — to trot out clichés — it puts facsimiles of the scrolls in the hands of anyone with an internet connection; no airfare to Jerusalem or access to a university library required.

More information here.

(HT: reddit)

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