A New Way to Learn Paleography

Yesterday, I found out about InScribe, a new digital humanities tool from the University of London and King’s College, London designed to help teach paleography online. Here are some excerpts from the announcement:

Our aim is to provide effective distance training in the various areas attached to Manuscript Studies; to complement (not replace) traditional teaching methodologies; to make a wide range of digital tools and resources available to those members of the public with an interest in the field; and to provide carefully selected bibliographies for each subsection within the module. . . .

The module, delivered through Moodle, will go live by the end of October and it will include a number of new learning materials developed in-house. Among these there will be podcasts and clips of academics discussing relevant topics and items, often with the primary sources in front of them. The module will also feature a newly-developed transcription tool, which will allow them to acquire transcription practice before undertaking the assessment at the end of each unit.

A good portion of the site will be free and open to anyone; however — and this is the one downside, I think — some of the advanced units require users to pay before being able to use them. Nonetheless, I’m very excited about InScribe, and I’m looking forward to checking it out when it goes live.

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