“The Spirit is God’s Force of Newness”

Alter Video Magazine has a video of Walter Brueggemann, talking about hope, imagination, and the Spirit. Check it out here. Here’s an excerpt.

I believe that the prophetic promises function in Scripture to keep us imagining futures that God intends to bring among us. So, then, you get a promise of a new temple, a new king, a new land, a new Jerusalem, a new heaven, a new earth, and our work in faith is to be open to the impetus to those new possibilities, I think. And, so, I’ve been thinking that hope is not simply a premise, and it’s not a conclusion, but it’s a process, and we kind of participate in it as we are able.

So that often leads me to the third article of the Creed. . . . It’s a strange configuration: that I believe the Church in the work of the Spirit, but I believe it all revolves around the forgiveness of sins, and I believe the forgiveness of sins will lead to the resurrection of the body. What kind of talk is that? That’s crazy talk! But it’s all in the third article, under the Spirit. And the Spirit is kind of God’s force of newness, which is so important in a technological society that wants to stop all that and control everything.

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