In the Mail: Unprotected Texts

I’ve read the first bit of this book at various bookstores, and after waiting for a couple weeks because I entered the wrong shipping address when I ordered it, I came home this evening to find it perched happily on my doorstep, fresh from Amazon:

Unprotected Texts: The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire, by Jennifer Wright Knust

Here’s the blurb:

Think You Know What the Bible Really Says About Sex? Think Again.

Is premarital sex a sin? When, and in what contexts, is sexual desire appropriate? With whom can I legitimately have sex? Are same-sex relations permissible? With fresh scholarship and unflagging compassion, Jennifer Wright Knust addresses the questions that dominate today’s debates over sex and the Bible. At a time when the words “the Bible says” are too often wielded for social and political gain, it’s time to consider what scripture actually does—or does not—say about monogamy, homosexuality, gender roles, and sex.

It’s been a good book so far, and I’ve heard the rest of it is good (thanks for the recommendation, Dr. Cargill), so I look forward to finishing it soon.

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