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Christian Cooperation in a Nutshell

“Many live in the illusion that the true unity of the church would be won if the great majority of Christians would agree to the same dogmatic formula. But identity of dogmatic formulas is of no importance. There must be unity in faith, that is, in unconditioned trust in the Word of God. Each one may say it and confess it as he wishes.”

Manfred Mezger, quoted in Werner Harenberg, Der Spiegel on the New Testament (London: Macmillan, 1970), 39.


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Blog Reboot


Well, it’s been three days shy of a year since I last posted on this blog. A lot changes over the course of a year, including the way one thinks, and it’s no less true for me than for anyone.

I thought quite a bit about deleting my old blog entries and starting fresh, but I’ve ultimately decided not to. While there’s some stuff I wrote that I find pretty embarrassing now, there’s also quite a bit I’m still okay with. Plus, context is everything; you never really know where anyone is unless you know where they’ve come from. (The tl;dr version: I used to be a staunch Reformed neo-fundamentalist, idolizing John Piper, Mark Driscoll, and Paul Washer, but have mellowed/am mellowing out to a more moderate sort of groove.)

That being said, I have several things in the pipeline to write about. I’ll be posting, among other things, thoughts on conservative evangelical readings of the Bible, commentary on Scripture and the classics, tips and tricks on the classical languages, and other musings as they strike me. In the near future, look for a post on the biblical (so to speak) roots of evangelical voting conviction and a post or two exploring the possibility of Sadduceic Christianity.

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