The Infinite Grace of God

“It is an evil custom to treat the gospels and epistles as books of law, from which we should teach what men ought to do and present the works of Christ as nothing more than examples or illustrations. … Beware of turning Christ into a Moses, as if He had nothing more for us than precept and example, like the other saints. … You must rise much higher than that, although this best sort of preaching has been practiced but little these many years. The chief and fundamental thing in the Gospel is this, that before you take Christ as your example, you recognize and accept him as God’s gift to you; so that when you see or hear Him in any of His work or suffering, you do not doubt but believe that He, Christ Himself, with such work or suffering of His, is most truly your very own, whereon you may rely as confidently as if you had done that work. … See, this is to understand aright the Gospel, that is, the infinite grace of God. … This is the mighty fire of God’s love toward us whereby He makes the conscience confident, joyful, and content. This is to preach the Christian faith. This is it that makes our preaching a Gospel, viz., glad, good, comfortable tidings.”

Martin Luther, Church Postil to Duke Albrecht

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